Pre-Offer Home Inspection

A pre-offer home inspection may be a good way to compete in this real estate market.  Today’s real estate market may be the craziest it’s ever been.  Homes are selling in days not weeks.  Sellers are getting dozens of offers and selling at prices 30 to 40 percent over asking price.  I don’t know that we have ever seen a market this competitive for buyers.

Stay Competitive While Minimizing Risk With A Pre-Offer Home Inspection

Pre Offer Home Inspection

A pre offer home inspection offers an alternative in this competitive market

In order to be competitive buyers need to come in with very strong offers.  A traditional inspection contingency clause can often put a buyer out of contention in today’s market.  This is unfortunate and put’s buyers in a precarious situation where they may be pressured into buying something without doing the level of due diligence they are comfortable with.   This is especially true for first time home buyers.

“As a first time home buyer I’m not comfortable buying a house without an inspection.”

I’ve been investing in real estate for 15 years and I’ve never bought a home without a home inspection.  I recommend all my clients get a home inspection before they sign a P&S to ensure peace of mind and confirm the value of their purchase.  At the same time, I want my buyers to be successful and win the bids on homes they want.  I consult all my clients to perform some kind of home inspection whether it be pre or post offer.

A Pre-Offer Home Inspection Could Be Right For You

My friends over at Wallace Home Inspections in Swampscott offer a reduced cost and more efficient inspection that allows buyers to work with sellers to schedule the pre offer home inspection before making an offer.   This is a great way for buyers to have the peace of mind they need with making the biggest purchase of their live while remaining competitive and not losing out to offers that come in with no inspection contingency.

“It’s an hour long inspection where I am still getting there early and checking the exterior if possible. I start with all the major systems like the foundation, roof, heating, attic, etc. and then I move to check whatever else I can…”

If you are looking to buy this spring a pre-offer home inspection may a way for you to stay in the competition.  My MA North Shore Buyer Rebate Program is another way for buyers to get cash back in this competitive market.  Let’s connect on getting you in your new home!