5 Reasons to Downsize Now

Now is the perfect time to downsize or rightsize your home.  AJS Real Estate highlights 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to downsize your North Shore home.  The current real estate market and the pandemic have created a perfect storm for a strong sellers market.  If you are thinking about downsizing, use this to your advantage.

  1. Sellers (YOU) are in CONTROL in the current market
    Less stress and risk of deals falling apart with a larger buyer
    pool and more qualified buyers

    • Contingencies on sales that allow you to stay in your home
      longer as you prepare for your move and plan your future
      Strong sellers market reduces buyer contingencies and
      eliminates many negotiations and haggling
    • Home values are at all time highs – downsize now and cash out at a high point on
      your biggest investment
  2. Move into a position of leverage for buying your rightsized
  3. Secure your retirement, or the remainder of it
    Set your legacy and inheritance
  4. City prices and competition are lower – migrate from the
    suburbs back to convenient city living (if that appeals to you)
    Inventory is increasing each week – sell now – buy later in the
    spring as inventory increases with less competition
  5. We are moving past the pandemic and it’s now a safer and
    more stable time to sell and downsize your home

If you’re considering downsizing, let’s talk soon and put a plan in place that works for you.  The current market conditions will allow you to work at your pace and set the conditions you want to make the process work for you.

Save Money And Downsize With AJS Real Estate

Let AJS Real Estate help you downsize your North Shore home.  As a local independent agent with Stuart St James (agent affiliate link), a brokerage that offers 100% Commissions I can offer services and programs you can’t get through some larger more traditional brokerages. I have programs to save you money on listing fees and if you work with me to buy your downsized property you will also be eligible for my cash back buyer rebate program.