Oceanfront or Lakefront Real Estate?

What’s Better, Ocean Front or Lakefront Real Estate?

You may be asking yourself “where should I buy my dream vacation home?” If you’re like many others, the appeal of being by the water is hard to resist.  That begs the question; what’s better, an oceanfront vacation home or lakefront vacation home?  What are the pros and cons of lakefront vs oceanfront real estate?   

Many of my clients come to me in search of luxury ocean front homes on the beautiful Massachusetts North Shore.  There are a plethora of options along sandy beaches or rocky coast lines.  Some are secluded and come with the price tag you’d expect to pay for privacy along the coast.  Others are part of more traditional coastal towns with close knit neighborhoods and communities built around the coast line.  

The Pros and Cons of Oceanfront Real Estate

I’ve always loved being by the ocean. A huge part of my move to Marblehead (Marblehead Homes for Sale) years ago was to be close to the Sea.  I love that I can walk to the beach and breathe in the ocean air at any time.   I truly believe it heals the soul.  The ocean is beautiful year round but of course there’s more to enjoy when the weather is warm.  In the New England summer months one can enjoy relaxing on the beach and swimming in the refreshing ocean waters.  There isn’t much better than living by the ocean.  Oceanfront real estate takes that experience to a whole different level. Massachusetts North Shore oceanfront real estate is some of the best you can find.

The pros of oceanfront real estate are obvious:

  • Oceanfront real estate has beautiful sunsets
  • Listening to waves crash against the shore

    North Shore Real Estate MBHD Neck

    North Shore Real Estate Marblehead

  • The smell of the ocean air
  • Walking along the beach
  • Coastal community charm and vibrant neighborhoods
  • Saltwater fishing
  • Access to off the boat seafood at your doorstep

There are some cons of oceanfront real estate:

  • Cold and dreary winters without access to the water
  • If seclusion is what you desire it is nearly impossible to find with Massachusetts North Shore oceanfront real estate
  • Ocean storms and salty air do a lot of damage to property and that comes with annual upkeep and additional expenses
  • North Shore oceanfront real estate is sparse and in high demand so it comes with a high price tag
  • Cold water temps year round – of course as a native to the North Shore I don’t find it particularly cold, but I understand that sentiment from many
  • Rough ocean surf can be a downside for some

The Pros and Cons of Lakefront Real Estate

In 2020 I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a vacation home on the outskirts of the New Hampshire White Mountains on Silver Lake in Madison, NH.  As someone who loves hiking and the outdoors it’s opened up a whole new world of opportunities to enjoy nature.  Proximity to the mountains with access to everything you get with being on the lake.  What could be better?

The appeal of the ocean may still win over for me, but I am coming around to understanding the value of lakefront living, and the pros of lakefront real estate, especially with New Hampshire lakes region real estate.

Here are the pros of lakefront real estate in the NewHampshire White Mountains:

  • More available and affordable than Oceanfront real estate
  • Year round enjoyment on the New Hampshire lakes 
    • Warm tranquil lake waters in summer
    • Summer boating and water skinning
    • Winter skating, ice fishing and snow mobiling

      Lakefront Real Estate

      White Mountain Lakes

  • Most lakes provide a more peaceful, tranquil and secluded experience
  • Proximity to the New Hampshire White Mountains for hiking and being close to nature

There are some cons of New Hampshire Lakefront Real Estate as well:

  • If you like easy access to amenities a remote lake may not be for you
  • Requires getting used to septic and well systems if you are used to town sewer and water
  • New Hampshire lakes nestled in the White Mountains come with more snow and winter weather to deal with
  • Murky waters and muddy ground is unappealing to many
  • New Hampshire lakefront real estate also come with bugs 

Choosing between a New Hampshire lakefront vs a Massachusetts North Shore oceanfront property is a big decision.   If you are looking for a New Hampshire lakefront or North Shore oceanfront property, weigh the pros and cons carefully.  If you are looking for some guidance with this decision give me a call!