New Real Estate Agent Strategies

New Real Estate Agent Strategies

New Real Estate Agents need a strategy when coming into the field.  I started my real estate journey in January 2021 with Stuart St James, Massachusetts best 100% Commission Brokerage.  My broker Darin and recently I collaborated to put together a YouTube video that highlights my new real estate agent strategies.  These new real estate agent strategies were a critical part of my decision to join Stuart St James.  We also talk about my new real estate agent strategies and the work I have been doing to build my brand as Marblehead and the North Shore’s best real estate agent.  Read more about my ideas on the future of the real estate industry and what impacted my strategies here.

Interview Highlights

  • Marblehead Real Estate Agent02:00 Choosing a niche
  • 02:55 Picking the right brokerage FOR YOU
  • 15:46 Creating unique client offers
  • 18:42 Operate like a business
  • 19:15 Technology and lead generation strategies
  • 26:44 Marketing strategies
  • 28:13 How to diversify real estate agent lead generation and lower effective cost per lead

Takeaways After Year One

I’ve been in the Real Estate business for a just over a year now.  Along the way I’ve learned a great deal about the industry and had a lot of fun.  Some of my new real estate agent strategies have worked well.  Some have been lessons learned.  Everything has resulted in a lot of growth as a new real estate agent and as a human.  I’ve met some amazing people and learned a great deal about marketing, negotiating, and real estate technology. Here are some of the key take aways I’d like to share with all new real estate agent.

  1. Follow up and automation is king – never quit on a lead and set yourself up for success with technology and automation
  2. It is important to develop long term relationships, not focus on closing transactions
  3. Lead diversification is critical – don’t rely on one source for your leads
  4. Develop a personal brand with a website and a variety of social media presences (note: you don’t have to be an influencer if you don’t want to)
  5. It’s possible to be successful in real estate without a traditional brokerage
  6. Find what works for you and focus on your strengths

Long Term Strategy

I started my real estate career with a long term strategy.  I wanted to do it my way without a ton of oversight or having someone looking over my shoulder.  It’s taken me a little longer than I had hoped to start closing a high volume of deals but i planned for this.   When I started in real estate I kept my corporate job so I still have some money coming in while I build the business.  I also made the decision to align with a brokerage that allows me to work at my own pace and develop my own personal brand and keep 100% of the commissions I earn.

If you want to chat about real estate agent strategies I’d love to connect.  Or if you want to talk about Stuart St James, I’d love to chat about that as well.  If you’ve already decided you want to join, please use my affiliate link.